Helping Identify Risks and Fixing Them Before They Become Problems


Athletes and fans are the backbone of any sport.  They are your main source of revenue and create the atmosphere for games.  SMG will ensure that athletes and fans are safe and that your policies and procedures make sure their safety is always at the forefront.

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To provide a safe environment for your athletes and fans, you must have policies and procedures in place and up-to-date.  Many times, an organization will have a plan, but they don't update it regularly, review it with staff consistently, or properly train staff on what it is and what their roles are within it.  SMG will review your plans, update them where necessary and make them retainable to all staff members.

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Before the first athlete steps on the field or the first fan makes their way to their seat, your facility must be safe.  Whether your facilities are one year old or fifty years old, problems will exist.  Things break, wear out or sometimes were installed incorrectly from the beginning.  SMG will identify those existing and potential problems and guide you on how to prevent them or fix them.

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