Do you have the right emergency plans in place?  Below are just a few of the plans we examine and strengthen for your organization.

Active Shooter.jpg


The probability is low, but what if you had an active shooter enter your campus?  Are you ready?  Is your staff ready?  Too many times an organization will buy a plan or download one that someone created, but not specifically for your organization.  SMG will fit your plan to you.

Bomb Threat.jpg


Most bomb threats are just that, a threat.  But what if you really have a bomb on your campus?  What do you do?  What does the person who finds the bomb do?  SMG will take the guess work out of it so everyone knows what their responsibility is if there is a bomb threat or an actual bomb.



So, you've got emergency personnel onsite during your games, but what do you do for practices or weight room time?  Is your staff prepared to handle a medical emergency until outside help arrives?  SMG will ensure that you have a formal medical emergency plan that dictates staff responsibilities if emergency personnel are already onsite or what to do until outside medical help arrives.

Lightning in Sky.jpg


In this modern day of technology, you literally have access to weather predictions in the palm of your hand.  But when do you make the call to postpone an event or outright cancel it?  Looking at the weather is one thing but understanding its characteristics enough to make an educated decision is another. SMG will help give your weather watchers the confidence to make the right decision to ensure the safety of your athletes and spectators.